Sara was born in Tehran, Iran. She spent her whole life searching and delving into creating works of art. She started with photography in the conservatory. After receiving a diploma in graphics, She worked as a graphic designer on various projects for several years. Then she got her bachelor’s degree in painting from the Tehran University of Art. Sara continued her great passion for learning and creation and studied illustration with Master Peyman Rahimizadeh. Sarah graduated with her MA in Illustration from the University of Gloucestershire, in the United Kingdom, in January 2024. In her thesis project, She was inspired by Mirrors, which are widely used in Iranian art and architecture, She worked them alongside her paintings and tried to show the conceptual aspect of her works with the Mirrors.

Sara as an Artist:
Sara has always nurtured a love for creation in her soul and body as an artist. She incorporates her work with mirrors, rooted in her motherland, as a reflection of her inner beauty in her art pieces. Art and the creation of artistic works are like a healing potion for Sara, shaping the meaning of her life. Sara aspires to be an artist for her entire life, living an artistically fulfilling life by creating her unique works. She hopes that her audience will benefit from this beauty and effort and that the world will always be a better place with peace and art.